In The Time Of The Flash

In The Time Of The Flash book cover mockup with image of tank driving through the streets of water

Readers’ Favorite gave this fifth novel in The Book of Ruin series a Five-Star recommendation.

On a day like any other, a series of powerful coronal mass ejections hit Earth, fryingmuch of the planet’s tech infrastructure. The world doesn’t collapse overnight, and Abigail Tate, a Chicago-tough university student, tags along with her newfound wealthy half-sister to Miami for spring break.

But once there, she discovers South Florida has become a dystopian cityscape of prey and predator. A drug called Wisht runs rampant, distorting minds and morphing bodies. Violent cults called Malforms relentlessly battle each other and hunt Goodfolk in competition with genetically engineered cat-size Komo Spiders, a dangerous EPA failure. And solar storms keep striking Earth, slowly pushing Florida into a new version of the Middle Ages.


Abagail’s only hope of survival is a group of Miami-Dade sheriff’s deputies who save her during a shootout between two cults. The problem is her halfsister got left behind in the rescue – and finding her is not the deputies’ top priority. Searching for a mysterious Father Benoit is, and they won’t divulge why. In the meantime, she becomes entangled in government conspiracies, religious zealots and a surprising new passion: aiding the deputies in protecting those who can’t defend themselves.

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