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The whole idea of the Skinweavers, their culture, and where they originated is brilliant and sets up a lot of questions about where our society could head if technology is used against us. Hladky develops excellent relationships between realistic characters, and he excels at catching the reader off guard. The Flashfall Sword is sure to make a mark in its genre.

–  Christie Stratos, award-winning author

It is 214 years after the Flash, an astronomical event that destroyed all electronics in the world. NATO, a term whose origins have been lost but now refers to a cluster of city-states, is under attack from two relentless forces – the bacillus, a semi-intelligent organism that destroys all life it touches, and the Shadowlanders, a group of loosely-affiliated tribes who indoctrinate and medicate their members to become sexually aroused by acts of extreme torture.

The Rangers, an elite NATO military team, must deal with both threats if the NATO city-states are to survive.

“The Flashfall Sword” by W.G. Hladky is a sprawling tale in a world that is about 100 years before his first book in the series, “The Book of Ruin”. As with the first book, Hladky is following the Weir-bloodlined males and their experiences as NATO Rangers

The world after the Flash is a jarring one. Technology and science taken as assumed today has to be relearned from remembrances dimming with the passage of time….

The central elements are the characters that Hladky builds and engages the readers. There is greed, venality, opportunism and malevolence in full measure. There is also sacrifice, intellectual curiosity and the realization that whatever the fate of the world, it was humans that brought on their current state.

“The Flashfall Sword” can be a difficult read for the person who thinks humankind will fail toward a gentler state. But there are characters one cheers for and openly admire.

There is room in Hladky’s world for more such tales. – Donald Wallbaum

Although this is listed as a prequel, I believe it also serves as a stand-alone introduction to the post-apocalyptic world created by the author Hladky. He weaves a believable, albeit dark, future when the world is trying to work its way back from the brink.

The NATO rangers stand between the civilized world and the threats it faces. From disease, mutation, savage hordes, internal turmoil and the threat of war, young Ranger Weir and his companions… struggle to protect their world from destruction at every turn…

The characters are deep and complicated people who do their best with the information they have and the novelty of the threats they face. A few chapters in and I found it impossible to stop thinking about it, had to read it all in pretty much one sitting. – lg


THE FLASHFALL SWORD is an action-packed post-apocalyptic tale featuring creative worldbuilding, a cast of well-developed characters, and clever plot twists.

The plot is lively and full of action, keeping the reader engaged and entertained, but even the quiet parts of the book are never dull…(I)t’s an intriguing story set in a well-thought-out background, with compelling characters and a lively plot, and fans of post-apocalyptic science fiction will find it well worth a read. – Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader


The Book Of Ruin Reviews


The Indie Reader, which awarded The Book of Ruin the 2020 Discovery Award for Science Fiction, said this about the book: “War, greed, and political infighting still take center stage in W.G. Hladky’s wonderfully detailed and well researched dystopian novel, THE BOOK OF RUIN, which imagines life after a solar storm sends Earth into a second Dark Age and–with only a half-remembered past–industry and civilization start afresh.”


The author has created a plausible future world that still has the human contrivances of faith and honor, cowardice and greed facing fallout from the failures and successes of the world that preceded it. Being something of a battle buff, I find the battle scenes detailed and tactically involved ( think Lord of the Rings siege of Rohan, if that helps). – LG.


The Book of Ruin richly explores a very plausible future alternative with a remarkable ensemble of characters exploring good and evil, truth and justice, and tests the limits of oaths and brotherhood…The Book of Ruin manages to blend a dystopian future with a glimmer of hope. The author fully utilizes the insights gained from his travels, and these details add richness to the narrative. – Donald Wallbaum


I became invested with the integrity and dedication of the primary characters of Senior Chief Weir and his associates. They have to overcome the obstacles of corrupt and incompetent superiors in their own governing and military branches while preparing to face a new enemy which is greater in numbers and dark evil.The individual honor and self sacrifice of the protagonist soldiers had me rooting for them to prevail. – MSEreads


One of those hard to put down books. It takes place in the future after a world changing solar event. Fast paced novel with a well thought out plot. I enjoyed book. – Anthony Philo


This book has it all – engaging premise, strong plot, relatable characters. Highly recommended for any reader who enjoys a good read! Be forewarned – it’s hard to put down. – Irene W.


The Book of Ruin was an enjoyable read. Full of details and vivid characters, it’s fun for anyone who fancies post-apocalyptic science fiction. – B. Borich

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