In The Time Of The Flash Advanced Review

Author W. G. Hladky has crafted an atmospheric, detailed, and immersive experience in a post-apocalyptic world that is like nothing I’ve seen this year. The narrative is a smoothly-written blend of dystopia, survival, and conspiracy that keeps the fast-paced plot rolling on through different trials and tribulations, making it a gripping read with lots of action but also a thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s downfall. Abigail’s character (the protagonist) evolves dynamically, reflecting the harsh realities of her environment, and I was especially impressed with the speech and thought presentation that details her character and makes her feel realistic and empathetic. The vivid descriptions of the transformed landscape and the challenges faced by the characters contribute to the book’s atmospheric and intense nature, moving beyond the cinematic into the a multi-sensory descriptive experience that feels like you’re really there. Overall, In the time of the Flash explores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of cataclysmic events, creating a compelling narrative that lingers in the mind… – Reviewed by K.C. Finn, a multi-award-winning author for Readers’ Favorite.

The Last Skinweaver Reviews

W. G. Hladky pulls out all the stops in this thrilling work that deftly balances all the elements you need for a true sci-fi masterpiece…the character-building and narrative work around Roge and his crew offer much to admire, with hardened figures shaped by the dangerous environment they live in and the many political and personal battles they must overcome just to survive, let alone solve the mess they find themselves in. What results is a gorgeously penned and atmospheric novel with high-stakes consequences… – K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite.

The Last Skinweaver is a spectacular addition to The Book of Ruin series…The pacing is fast and satisfying and in line with the previous books that are generational. There are loads more characters, and all of them feel authentic…Dedicated Book of Ruin readers become armchair tourists again in the cinematic descriptions. – Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite.

The world-building here is intricately done, well thought-out, and believable, with multiple cultures interacting according to their own particular views and needs…The story is full of action, with excitement and danger at every turn, and the main plot unfolds as a series of little events whose relevance and relation to larger events is revealed, bit by bit, as the story goes on. In the end, mysteries that have been hidden since the beginning of the series are revealed, and the epic drama comes full circle and finds a solid and satisfying resolution. — Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader.


Over the course of the novel, Hladky offers prose that’s measured and assured, and his action-packed narrative enhances the story’s enjoyable mix of court intrigue, dirty politics, well-guarded secrets, and backstabbing. Although the story echoes many other dystopian tales…, Hladky manages to carve out new territory for himself, constructing a story that is able to stand on its own. His knack for blending the fast-paced lingo of paramilitary thrillers with the intriguing worldbuilding of sci-fi and fantasy keeps the pages flying. Throw in the sharply drawn characters, atmospheric setting, and the roller-coaster pacing, and you’ve got a winner. Readers will be enthralled. – The Prairies Book Review


RangerKnights Reviews

“RangerKnights brings together everything we’ve learned from the first two books of The Book of Ruin series for an adventurous, exciting experience. With such outstanding worldbuilding, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve really visited the locations in the book. I am always in awe of Hladky’s brilliant character development that is so well done, I find myself missing the characters after the book ends.” – Christie Stratos, award-winning author.

Hladky, who has written two other novels in the BOOK OF RUIN series (which can be looked on as the successors to the legendary work of Robert A. Heinlein), is a veteran hand at worldbuilding. The future drawn here is realistic, with humble characters thrust into nearly impossible situations…RANGERKNIGHTS is a sci-fi fan’s delight: it is full of action, granular details, and rich characters who must face familiar battles in an unfamiliar war. – Benjamin Welton for IndieReader.

Hladky pieces together an elaborately intricate tale of action and intrigue that easily transports readers into its fantastical world…The expert combination of high action, immersive storytelling, tight plotting, and well-infused science fiction elements makes for a memorable experience. Fans of nail-biting action adventure won’t want to miss this adventurous tale of political intrigue, survival, and liberation.The Prairies Book Review.

RangerKnights is the third… installment of The Book of Ruin series by author W. G. Hladky. Prince Asem of Andatunisia welcomes his older sister Princess Narzarin’s return home after being rescued from the clutches of General al-Wahasha’s captivity by the American RangerKnights. When Asem gets his hands on one half of the Book of Ruin, Master Rostami encourages him to find the other half. His search leads him to the home of the RangerKnights, high above the Transylvanian mountains, and to seek help from Senior Chief Lovell Weir and his team. A sci-fi novel set in a futuristic dystopia, RangerKnights is the perfect conclusion to the highly acclaimed Book of Ruin trilogy that should satisfy the appetites of readers who gorge themselves on sci-fi and dystopian novels.

Author W. G. Hladky has created an authentic and highly imaginative tale that takes the reader into a wild world of solar storms, floating castles, and stubborn princesses. RangerKnights is an action-packed blockbuster of a novel that moves at a blistering pace with plenty of ‘aha’ moments. All the characters felt likable, with Asem and Lovell being my favorite of the bunch. I especially liked Lovell and Narzarin’s character arcs where their relationship starts off with growing mistrust and evolves to one of mutual respect and admiration. Even though it’s the third book of the series, RangerKnights also works seamlessly as a standalone novel. I enjoyed it immensely and I would recommend it to readers who relish well-written sci-fi books with intricate plotting and worldbuilding. – Pikasho Deka.


The intricate plot is the driving force of the novel, but the characters make it entertaining. Characters like Prince Asem seal the deal for me. He is human enough to grab my attention yet unique enough to feel like a part of the story. Lovell is the kind of character that is confident, in the center, and demanding, but he is also confused and vulnerable. With the combination of these characters and the intense plot, this novel proves to be a rare treat for the readers of science fiction. There are no cliches, nothing mindbogglingly odd, and everything is so realistic that I felt like I was part of the story. Exceptional! – Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite.


W.G. Hladky’s RangerKnights…is vast in scope, casting an incredibly rich world into stark relief; the fierce sun, manipulated technology, foreign lands, and constructed lifeforms all leap from the pages with perceptual clarity. I found the personalities and relationships to be quite believable, unique, and strong enough to convey genuine empathy when tragedy or triumph ensued…RangerKnights is a wonderful read for those seeking exotic, futuristic adventures, who can accept that this distant world is very different from where we now stand. – Steven Robson for Readers’ Favorite.


Not unlike previous entries to this series, while ‘RangerKnights’ builds upon previously-established canon, the book easily works as a standalone entry as well. Action-packed sci-fi that simply refuses to let up, ‘RangerKnights’ is highly recommended for fans of W. G. Hladky’s previous efforts while also serving as a perfect jumping on point for ‘The Book of Ruin’ series. – Jame W, Vine Voice.


I love a good sci-fi/fantasy read and thus far, the Book of Ruin series has delivered a lot of entertainment value…RangerKnights is a great sci-fi read…(It is) very well written and engaging. The unique world that this series is set in is a blast to exist in, and well worth picking up the series as whole. – Joshua Maley.


The Flashfall Sword Reviews

The whole idea of the Skinweavers, their culture, and where they originated is brilliant and sets up a lot of questions about where our society could head if technology is used against us. Hladky develops excellent relationships between realistic characters, and he excels at catching the reader off guard. The Flashfall Sword is sure to make a mark in its genre. –  Christie Stratos, award-winning author

The Flashfall Sword, W. G. Hladky’s follow-up to his award-winning 2018 debut, ‘Book of Ruin,’ is a worthwhile installment that serves as the perfect introduction to the author’s ongoing post-apocalyptic saga. Billed as a prequel, The Flashfall Sword takes place a century before the events of ‘Book of Ruin,’ and introduces readers to the post-Flash world. The ‘flash,’ an apocalyptic event that essentially set the world back to the middle-ages, is but a distant memory, but the world is still grappling with the aftermath. The story essentially follows an alliance of states (NATO) as they battle a seemingly endless barrage of threats. Focusing on the NATO Rangers for much of the story, Hladky offers readers a vicarious journey through one of the most bleak and dismal futures ever imagined. Hladky writes with a clear, precise prose, vividly detailing one violent scene after another. It might not be for the faint of heart, but it makes for a hell of a fun read. Complete with maps and a prologue, The Flashfall Sword is an excellent example of action/adventure/sci-fi. For any fans who might still be waiting for Martin’s next GOT release, the ‘Book of Ruin’ series might be just what you need—highly recommended. James W., an Amazon Vine Voice.


It is 214 years after the Flash, an astronomical event that destroyed all electronics in the world. NATO, a term whose origins have been lost but now refers to a cluster of city-states, is under attack from two relentless forces – the bacillus, a semi-intelligent organism that destroys all life it touches, and the Shadowlanders, a group of loosely-affiliated tribes who indoctrinate and medicate their members to become sexually aroused by acts of extreme torture.

The Rangers, an elite NATO military team, must deal with both threats if the NATO city-states are to survive.

“The Flashfall Sword” by W.G. Hladky is a sprawling tale in a world that is about 100 years before his first book in the series, “The Book of Ruin”. As with the first book, Hladky is following the Weir-bloodlined males and their experiences as NATO Rangers

The world after the Flash is a jarring one. Technology and science taken as assumed today has to be relearned from remembrances dimming with the passage of time….

The central elements are the characters that Hladky builds and engages the readers. There is greed, venality, opportunism and malevolence in full measure. There is also sacrifice, intellectual curiosity and the realization that whatever the fate of the world, it was humans that brought on their current state.

“The Flashfall Sword” can be a difficult read for the person who thinks humankind will fail toward a gentler state. But there are characters one cheers for and openly admire.

There is room in Hladky’s world for more such tales. – Donald Wallbaum

Although this is listed as a prequel, I believe it also serves as a stand-alone introduction to the post-apocalyptic world created by the author Hladky. He weaves a believable, albeit dark, future when the world is trying to work its way back from the brink.

The NATO rangers stand between the civilized world and the threats it faces. From disease, mutation, savage hordes, internal turmoil and the threat of war, young Ranger Weir and his companions… struggle to protect their world from destruction at every turn…

The characters are deep and complicated people who do their best with the information they have and the novelty of the threats they face. A few chapters in and I found it impossible to stop thinking about it, had to read it all in pretty much one sitting. – lg


THE FLASHFALL SWORD is an action-packed post-apocalyptic tale featuring creative worldbuilding, a cast of well-developed characters, and clever plot twists.

The plot is lively and full of action, keeping the reader engaged and entertained, but even the quiet parts of the book are never dull…(I)t’s an intriguing story set in a well-thought-out background, with compelling characters and a lively plot, and fans of post-apocalyptic science fiction will find it well worth a read. – Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader


W.G. Hladky’s prequel to Book of Ruin is just as exciting as the first novel. Hladky takes important political elements and scenarios from real life and aptly merges them with his fantasy creation. One particular item of interest is how he incorporates NATO into his story. There are very few novels out there that have the concrete world building and character development as Hladky masterfully demonstrates. At this rate, he will soon become a household name and master of fantasy. Mark Anthony “M.A.” Smith.


Action-packed adventure and intricate worldbuilding sweep through Hladky’s exhilarating second installment in the post-apocalyptic saga, The Book of Ruin series, which delves into the themes of valor, integrity, power and trust…The intriguing interplay between the various characters keep the story engrossing and the expert pacing and intricate plotting allow readers to truly enter this post-apocalyptic world...Readers will be both fascinated and entertained by this fast-paced apocalyptic adventure, which doubles as a contemplation on all-destructive power of nature and human violence. An epic tale of action and adventure, this is a treat for gritty SF actions fans. – The Prairies Book Review


The Book Of Ruin Reviews


The Indie Reader, which awarded The Book of Ruin the 2020 Discovery Award for Science Fiction, said this about the book: “War, greed, and political infighting still take center stage in W.G. Hladky’s wonderfully detailed and well researched dystopian novel, THE BOOK OF RUIN, which imagines life after a solar storm sends Earth into a second Dark Age and–with only a half-remembered past–industry and civilization start afresh.”


The author has created a plausible future world that still has the human contrivances of faith and honor, cowardice and greed facing fallout from the failures and successes of the world that preceded it. Being something of a battle buff, I find the battle scenes detailed and tactically involved ( think Lord of the Rings siege of Rohan, if that helps). – LG.


The Book of Ruin richly explores a very plausible future alternative with a remarkable ensemble of characters exploring good and evil, truth and justice, and tests the limits of oaths and brotherhood…The Book of Ruin manages to blend a dystopian future with a glimmer of hope. The author fully utilizes the insights gained from his travels, and these details add richness to the narrative. – Donald Wallbaum


I became invested with the integrity and dedication of the primary characters of Senior Chief Weir and his associates. They have to overcome the obstacles of corrupt and incompetent superiors in their own governing and military branches while preparing to face a new enemy which is greater in numbers and dark evil.The individual honor and self sacrifice of the protagonist soldiers had me rooting for them to prevail. – MSEreads


One of those hard to put down books. It takes place in the future after a world changing solar event. Fast paced novel with a well thought out plot. I enjoyed book. – Anthony Philo


This book has it all – engaging premise, strong plot, relatable characters. Highly recommended for any reader who enjoys a good read! Be forewarned – it’s hard to put down. – Irene W.


The first thing that struck me about The Book of Ruin by W.G. Hladky was the presence of a great deal of Easter eggs…I enjoyed reading this story about a second Dark Age, where not everything is dark…(Y)ou can tell how much research the author must have done before writing this novel, from geography to history and including war tactics…All the characters are well fleshed out and the prose flows smoothly. – Keyla Damaer for Readers’ Favorite.


The Book of Ruin was an enjoyable read. Full of details and vivid characters, it’s fun for anyone who fancies post-apocalyptic science fiction. – B. Borich


Hladky’s outstanding series opener pits NATO’s Senior Chief Loveboy Weir and a team of rangers in a post-apocalyptic wasteland against a dangerous warrior prince, with his own sinister agenda…Hladky offers a vast, intricate futuristic world that vibrates with conflicts and ideas and comes across vividly, with hints of deeper waters to explore…Equally intriguing are Hladky’s well-developed and deeply engaging characters with their inner turmoil, ethical dilemmas, and need to survive. Filled with striking combat scenes, the narrative builds to larger, increasingly exciting scenes of tension and violence, but Hladky never forgets his characters’ humanity…This highly entertaining and absorbing combination of SF and action makes for a captivating page-turner. Hladky is an author to watch. – The Prairies Book Review.


Absolutely fantastic! I am 52 years old and have been reading science fiction novels for 45 years of my life. This is one of the 3 or 4 novels I have read that actually brought an emotional reaction from me. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a true fan of sci-fi. From first page to last page it is superb. — Reviewed on Apple Books by Grim Tom.