The fifth novel in The Book of Ruin series, IN THE TIME OF THE FLASH, is out in E-book and paperback. The story goes back to the beginning, when a series of powerful coronal mass ejections hit Earth, frying much of the planet’s tech infrastructure. The world doesn’t collapse overnight, and the main character, Abigail Tate, a Chicago-tough university student, tags along with her newfound wealthy half-sister to Miami for spring break.

But once there, she discovers South Florida has become a dystopian cityscape of prey and predator. A drug called Wisht runs rampant, distorting minds and morphing bodies. Violent cults called Malforms relentlessly battle each other and hunt Goodfolk in competition with genetically engineered cat-size Komo Spiders, a dangerous EPA failure. And solar storms keep striking Earth, slowly pushing Florida into a new version of the Middle Ages.

Abagail’s only hope of survival is a group of Miami-Dade sheriff’s deputies who save her during a shootout between two cults. The problem is her half-sister got left behind in the rescue – and finding her is not the deputies’ top priority. Searching for a mysterious Father Benoit is, and they won’t divulge why. In the meantime, she becomes entangled in government conspiracies, religious zealots and a surprising new passion: aiding the deputies in protecting those who can’t defend themselves.

K.C. Finn, a multi-award-winning author, wrote this in her review of the novel.

“(The novel) an atmospheric, detailed, and immersive experience in a post-apocalyptic world that is like nothing I’ve seen this year. The narrative is a smoothly-written blend of dystopia, survival, and conspiracy that keeps the fast-paced plot rolling on through different trials and tribulations, making it a gripping read with lots of action but also a thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s downfall.”

Rabia Tanveer, in her review, said, “W.G. Hladky weaved magic with his words and crafted a believable world that was full of surprises…(The heroine’s) growth was remarkable…I loved how the environment shaped her into a larger-than-life character who was toughened by the world around her. The fast-paced narrative was phenomenal, and the overall feel of the story was incredible.”

The novel’s e-edition is available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and most other platforms. The paperback can be purchased through Amazon.

If you like the book, give it 5-stars on Amazon and Goodreads.

PS: THE BOOK OF RUIN is #28 in alternative history of Kindle’s free book listings.
THE FLASHFALL SWORD is #10 in Military Fantasy and #20 in Alternative History on Kindle’s free book listings.
RANGERKNIGHTS is #8 in Military Fantasy and #17 in Alternative History on Kindle’s free book listings.